How To Generate Leads On Instagram

Any company should permanently focus on Instagram lead generation to sustain growth and revenue. To succeed in this endeavour, you must be familiar with the mediums most frequently used by your prospective customers.

Instagram is an excellent platform for finding new prospects. Instagram users are interested in the inner workings of their favourite companies and find the platform a convenient way to make purchases since many users follow at least one company. This article will teach you proven methods for rapidly expanding your customer base through your Instagram account.


How To Expand Your Customer Base

Listed below are some of the most well known methods to expand your customer base:

Use Instagram Ads To Generate Leads

Instagram lead-generation ads is a quick and straightforward approach to reaching a broad audience and generating leads. It is helpful for both established names and newer businesses with a smaller fan base.

Using your Instagram business account, you can get people most like your ideal customer. This entails directing content at specific users based on various characteristics, such as their location, occupation, interests, and more.

The good news is that creating Instagram ads is a simple process. The first step is to identify your marketing goal; in this case, it will generate leads. The next step is to identify your intended audience and choose the criteria for ad placement.

Select an ad format and build your form after you are done. Finally, use a compelling opt-in offer to get potential customers’ email addresses.

Use Hashtags

Use specific hashtags to expand your audience. Including 3-5 purposeful hashtags with your Instagram posts will help users find them more quickly. Selecting relevant tags makes your material more discoverable in a search and easier to follow. Thousands of likes, click, and potential customers will result from this.

If you want to uncover generic tags that attract a lot of followers and profitable traffic, use a free tool like TagsfortLikes. You may also search on Instagram and analyse the hashtags people use in your field. If you follow the advice of those you have yet to try, you might find a gold mine of opportunity.

A best practice for many organisations is to use unique hashtags for each post rather than repeatedly utilising the same ones. This allows you to identify and store the most effective tags on your device for later use.


The best strategy to increase your Instagram following and your number of leads are to interact with your audience. Social skills can severely limit your chances of success in social media advertising.

Engaging with comments and posts that mention your company is a simple method to boost participation on your lead form. Always provide a well-written response whenever your brand is discussed. Use hashtags, emoticons, GIFs, and related images to make your comments more personable and exciting.

To keep the dialogue going, ask some follow-up questions. Increasing your brand’s likeability and approachability on social media helps attract more customers.

Create An Outstanding Bio

Your Instagram bio serves as an elevator pitch, introducing you to new followers. Anyone thinking about doing business with you will read your bio and use that to form an opinion of your expertise and reliability.

In addition, it gives potential customers one more way to connect with you and engage with your company. Do not dismiss the importance of a well-written bio on your Instagram and facebook page; ensure it includes helpful information. We have provided some handy pointers down below.

Employ Your Brand’s Identity

When people visit your Instagram bio link, this is the first thing they will see. If you want customers to be able to readily discover you, use your brand name as your account name. If it is not already in use, this could be the beginning of your user name.

Add A recognisable Photo

Your customers are guaranteed to notice it. Ensure the image is uniform across all your brand’s platforms so that people automatically link it with your business. Use a high-quality, professionally taken photo that reflects your message.

Keep images at a resolution of no more than 200 by 200 pixels for optimal viewing on mobile devices.

Choose A Category

It will be posted under your company’s name, reminding you of the services provided. This part is discretionary. Instagram may only propose a handful of categories, but the number is much higher.

If there is no drop-down menu with a suitable option, start typing. It must accurately depict your actions. The category can be updated whenever you like.

Provide An Accurate Description

This data lets consumers realise what sets your company apart from the competition. Up to 150 characters are available to introduce users to your offerings. Use relevant keywords to enhance the usefulness of your description.

They are helpful for your intended audience but do not affect Instagram searches. They should convey your company’s core values while answering customer questions and satisfying their concerns. In this approach, you may identify those genuinely interested in your brand.

Put Hashtags To Good Use

Promote your sub-brands, sibling pages, and partners by including clickable hashtags in your Instagram bio to increase consumer engagement, review collection, and UGC promotion.

When someone clicks on your hashtag, they will be taken to the hashtag’s Discover feed, where they can browse all of the stuff you have tagged it with. As a result, they will be more likely to make a first purchase and become devoted customers who spread the word about your business.

Make Sure There Is A Strong Call To Action And A Link

A call to action (CTA) explains to consumers how to use your product or service. Remember to discount how important this button is. You can modify it at any time to meet the needs of your evolving business.

If you offer a limited-time offer or an extensive product catalogue, send people to your site so they can take advantage of it; if you are running a content or community and want people to participate, tell them about it.

Encourage users to upload images and videos of themselves interacting with your product so you can compile user-generated content.

Collaborations With Influencers

To generate quality leads on any social media platform, it is essential to collaborate with influential users. Brands may raise their visibility, traffic, and sales on Instagram by forming relationships with prominent influencers in their respective fields.

Select several influencers you would like to represent your company to get started. An ideal influencer has a sizable online following of relevant people and can represent your company authentically.

Communicate your goals to them and explore ways a partnership can increase your access to new clients. The ability to persuade others to take action depends on the influencer’s credibility and the trust of their followers.

Develop A Strategic Content Strategy

To locate the best material for your Instagram company profile, you should focus on the following three areas:

Select Essential Subjects

Find creative and eye-catching ways to highlight your company’s strengths (including its products and services) in the marketplace. Looking at competing products in your field might give you insight into what you should prioritise. You can also go to reputable companies in different sectors for ideas. Brands could discuss the following potential post topics:

  • Content created by users
  • Company Culture
  • Customer Stories
  • The Scenes Behind Content

Prepare A Photo Shoot Schedule

To gain traction on Instagram, you need to post several times daily. Using photographs of an exceptionally high standard. That seems accidental as well. Plan only a single weekly photo shoot. Take an hour to snap the pictures using only natural light and your smartphone’s camera. Unless you have a specific desire, you can get by with just that.

Schedule Posts

Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite make it possible to write and plan social media updates ahead of time without constantly monitoring them.

Share Valuable Content Regularly

Delivering value to your target audience is a fundamental principle of marketing. Consistently sharing valuable content with your audience will increase the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand.

Therefore, brand proprietors should focus on value addition rather than promotion. Sharing informative, high-quality content that resonates with your target audience is required. Doing so will increase engagement, increase your followers, and generate more leads.

You will realise as a marketer that the more value you provide, the more effective your lead-generation efforts will be.

Utilise Instagram’s Story and Live Video Features

When used correctly, Instagram’s live broadcasts and story features may be a treasure trove of new business opportunities. Thousands of Instagram users log in daily to see what their friends and favourite brands have been up to.

Instagram stories are a great way to disseminate helpful information that will hit home with the intended audience.

Share client testimonials to give your brand interactions more of a personal touch than promotional content or marketing copy.

Building trust with the online community can be accomplished by producing videos that share real-life stories of satisfied customers. Live videos can be used to address audience queries and issues in addition to sharing client success stories. These strategies can bring in a steady stream of new, loyal clients.

Keep Tabs On Your Instagram Stats

You probably already know that successfully marketing on Instagram is no easy feat. Investing in such a powerful marketing platform is well worth it, but you will want to track your return on investment to be sure you are making the most of it. Thankfully, there is a variety of ways to monitor the success of your Instagram ads:

Landing page click rate

A landing page click rate refers to the percentage of people who click on a call-to-action (CTA) button or link on a landing page compared to those who viewed the page. This measures the effectiveness of a landing page in driving engagement and conversion.

A high click rate indicates that your landing page is engaging and persuasive and that your CTA is clear and compelling. A low click rate signals that your page may need to be optimised to improve its effectiveness.

Factors influencing landing page click rate include the design, layout, copy, and placement of the CTA button and the offer’s relevance to the visitor’s needs and interests.

Landing page conversion rate

The landing page conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action on a landing page. The desired action can vary depending on the purpose of the landing page. For e-commerce websites, the desired action could be to make a purchase, while for lead generation websites, the desired action could be to fill out a form.

A high conversion rate indicates that the landing page persuades visitors to take the desired action. On the other hand, a low conversion rate suggests that the landing page may need to be improved to align better with the visitor’s needs and motivations.

Lifetime Customer Value

Lifetime customer value (LCV) refers to the total value a customer can bring to a business throughout their relationship. This calculation goes beyond evaluating the immediate monetary amount a customer spends in a transaction and instead encompasses the cumulative value that a customer provides over their entire customer journey.

LCV is a crucial metric for businesses as it helps them understand the projected revenue each customer can bring over their lifetime. This information enables companies to make informed decisions about allocating resources and developing strategies to retain and acquire customers.

By focusing on LCV, businesses can create a more accurate understanding of their customer base and adjust their tactics to maximise the value of this relationship.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) refers to the total money a company spends to acquire a new customer. CAC is calculated by dividing marketing and sales expenses by the number of new customers acquired during a specific period.

The concept of CAC is essential for businesses to understand because it helps them determine their sales strategies’ effectiveness. If the acquisition cost is too high, it may indicate that the company is spending too much money to acquire new customers.

To reduce CAC, companies may consider improving their targeting and segmentation strategies, refining their messaging and value proposition, and optimising their conversion funnels to increase customer acquisition rates. Additionally, businesses can focus on improving customer retention and engagement to reduce the need for constant acquisition efforts.

You can also monitor the number of times your bio link is clicked. The most famous piece of advice is to use It is not a terrible idea. However, using Google Analytics to keep track of everything is still recommended. The Campaign URL Builder makes it simple to include the tracking parameters required by Google Analytics, such as the campaign’s source (in this case, Instagram), name, term, and more.

After that, you click the Convert URL to Short Link button to generate a link compatible with Google Analytics. The power of Google Analytics and the ease of’s short URLs will simplify your and your followers’ lives.


How Would You Locate The Leads On Instagram?

Instagram provides many avenues for locating prospective customers:

  • First, you may use the search bar for relevant hashtags and phrases for your business. If you work in real estate, you might look for things like #houseforsale and #realestate. A list of recent postings with those keywords will appear, and you can look through them for leads.
  • Two, stick with accounts that matter and keep an eye on what they are posting. Suppose you run a pet-sitting service and are interested in expanding your clientele. In that case, one strategy is to monitor animal shelters in your area and watch for adoption events.

To What End Can I Increase My Social Media Leads?

Lead generation on social media can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Make precise advertising efforts. You may narrow down who sees your ad by selecting particular demographics, interests, and geographic regions.
  • Hold a draw or contest on your social media accounts. Involvement and exposure to potential new viewers might both rise as a result.
  • Promote your website or blog with the use of social media. To increase traffic to your site and interest in your business, make content that people will want to share.

Can You Get Leads Through Instagram?

Instagram offers businesses numerous opportunities to network with prospective clients and produce leads. Hashtags allow businesses to connect with customers interested in their products or services and spread their message to a broader audience.

Businesses may quickly and easily promote their products or services on Instagram because users can readily upload photographs and videos with their followers.

Is There A Free Way To Get Leads On Instagram?

Here is how to generate leads without spending a dime on Instagram:

  • Make appropriate use of hashtags.
  • Use Instagram’s Story feature.
  • Promote a contest or freebie offer.


By mastering and applying these seven tactics, you can master the art of marketing on Instagram and generating leads. Do not forget to create a landing page when working on your campaigns. The potential for many leads is useless if visitors to your landing page are discouraged from signing up or learning more about what you offer.

Due to Instagram’s popularity, your landing page should be mobile-friendly. Doing so makes nudging prospects from Instagram and successfully driving them through the sales funnel much simpler.

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