Video Marketing for Boiler Installers

We are a leading business growth agency based in the UK and specialise in digital marketing services for boiler installers. If you are a boiler installation company, then we can help market your services. 

There are various forms of digital marketing that we can offer, and video marketing is one of the most effective services we offer to boiler installers.

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Video marketing can be used across the internet, including on social media, to reach potential customers and share information regarding your service.

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What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a form of digital marketing that focuses on video production. For this kind of marketing, we will produce a video promoting your services that can be used to reach new customers online.

This is just one form of digital marketing that can be useful in reaching potential customers and sharing your business online. There are more options which include email marketing or social media advertising. All of these have the same purpose of trying to generate leads.

Videos are a great way to reach your target audience and can help your business make more money by generating leads. These will be shared across the internet and used on your social media pages, such as business Facebook or other social channels, to share information and create brand awareness.

As marketing specialists, we can help with the production of high-quality content such as a video that can generate traffic and leads to your business site. We have the skills and experience required to make this work well, as well as having access to important data to ensure your video reaches the right people.

In addition, if you are solely focused on generating as many new leads as you possibly can for your boiler installer company, take a look at our lead generation services for this industry.

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The Benefits of Video Marketing For Boiler Engineers

Video marketing is an effective form of advertising for people in this industry, and it can offer various benefits when done well.

Additionally, if you use a video ranking service like Video Veggie to rank your videos in YouTube too, then you can see some seriously great results from this.

These benefits include:

Reach potential customers

Any campaign aims to share your business and generate leads. 

This is why spending money on advertising is a way to bring in more income to the business if it is done well, as it can highlight your services to any potential customer that interacts with it. Publishing video on your social media channels that promote your service is a way to bring in more customers who are looking for what you offer and increase sales. 

Contributes to SEO

Your business site can be improved by using video as a promotion because it will generate more traffic which in turn impacts the site’s ranking in search results.

When a site sees a lot of attention, it is considered to be a valuable resource by platforms such as Google and will be promoted as such.

If you are looking to gain more attention online, video is a great way to do this, and it can attract a wide audience. The more people that interact with your brand online, the more importance your site is seen to have, which will make it rank higher in Google results.

With a high-ranking site on Google, it will be easier for people to find you against other businesses.

Engaging content

A great advantage of this content is how engaging it is. Video can be used across the internet, with platforms like Facebook providing more avenues to support this kind of content as it is so popular with any audience.

Video ads are a way of holding your audience’s focus and keeping them on your Facebook page or business site and work better than anything else. 

Websites that have video content see a shorter bounce rate than those without because people are more likely to spend longer watching this kind of content.

These kinds of ads make it easier for you to demonstrate your heating services and explain what you offer and they also have the advantage of being more interesting than anything else on your website. 

This engagement also contributes to the SEO of your website, ensuring that your website ranks highly in search results. 

Targets a wide range of customers

Video is used across the internet, which is why you should use this media to promote your service. When done to a good quality, a video can be accessed on all devices and is shared on social media, as well as streaming platforms like YouTube or Google.

Your campaign can reach any customer your boiler company is looking for and will lead to sales when done well when sharing video content online.

Easier to promote your business 

Heating services, such as boiler installation are in high demand, which is why many businesses are offering the same services as your company. With so much competition, it requires effort to stand out and see success when it comes to leads. 

You can work hard in promoting your business, only to see other sites perform better in your location. 

Video content can give your brand the edge it needs to generate sales and lead people to your website. This is because when your website or Facebook page has video content, you enhance the user experience as the video makes it easy to explain boiler services. 

This kind of content also works in saving customers time when it comes to figuring out what your business offers, which is something they can appreciate, especially when it comes to such an essential service as boiler repairs. 

Helps you stand out

Compared to email marketing and other promotion styles, video is not as widely used in this industry, making your website stand out. 

Your customers see hundreds of advertisements every week across all social media channels, so you need to be focusing on creating something unique. Video content stands out on websites because it is engaging and works in saving time by explaining things well in a short period.

When you are one of the only businesses offering this kind of content, it is easier to stand out and be memorable, which will lead to greater success.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the leading marketing companies in England and have worked with many clients over the years. We have a lot of experience working with boiler engineers, giving us the necessary skills and knowledge to get the job done well every time.

Additionally, if you aim is to share your videos across social media platforms but worried they won’t get the engagement they deserve, you can always make the most of our boiler installers social media marketing services in order to maximise your video’s potential.

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We understand what your audience is looking for, and this helps us create content that will generate leads to your website. Our company has a high rate of customer satisfaction and many five-star reviews.

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What Makes Good Video Marketing For Boiler Install Services

To ensure that video advertising is worth your investment and will generate the leads you are looking for, it needs to be done well.

This is why working with a professional marketing agency like us is the best way to go, and we can provide a great service to our customers. We will work with every customer to generate ideas for content, ensuring that all content works to promote your job and what you offer.

We use data from sites such as Facebook and Google to determine trending topics and can apply these to your video content to ensure it performs well. 

To ensure your content performs well, it needs to be made to a high quality in both production and editing. This is how you will stand out in search results and on social media, as well as making it easier to inform customers of the jobs you can do.

Types of Video Marketing We Offer

We can provide all kinds of essential video production to be published and promoted online. This includes:

  • Product and job demonstrations
  • Interviews
  • How to and tutorials
  • Explainer regarding the job you do and how it works
  • Customer testimonials and reviews
  • Live videos
  • Animated video
  • Behind the scenes, show your team on a job so customers know what they can expect
  • Live videos, which will be streamed on social media

All of these videos can be used on your social channels to generate leads to your website or offer a call to action that will get a customer to call your team. 

How Much Does Video Cost For Boiler Engineers?

The average cost of video advertising in the UK starts at £500 for standard video production, with additional charges for the kind of content being developed as well as skills and labour.

For example, additional charges may apply to soundtracks, animation, and script writing.

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Client Testimonials

“We have seen a great increase in customers since working with Growth Giants for marketing”

“After a long search, we found this marketing team and couldn’t be happier with the service they offer”

“I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking to improve marketing”


What is video marketing?

This is a way of promoting a business or service through video content. There are many forms of video ads that can be used to promote your business, and they can be shared across the internet.

Does video work for marketing a boiler business?

Video ads are one of the most effective forms of advertising, and they can be used to suit any business. This content can be used across the internet, and as long as it is done well, it will generate leads, increase sales, and improve brand image.

Are professional marketers worth it?

To get your advertising campaign right, you should work with professionals. We have the skills and experience necessary to make any marketing campaign effective, as well as access to internet data to ensure it performs well. This is well worth the investment.

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We are leading marketers that specialise in working with boiler companies across the UK. 

We offer a variety of services, including video ads that can promote your services and reach a wide audience.

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