SEO Consultancy For Personal Trainers

As a small business owner, you understand that having a website alone is no longer sufficient. You must create phone calls, emails, and sales through Google and other search engines. Does your website rank among the top search results for “Personal Trainers around me” or “Personal Trainers in (insert your city’s name)?” If you do, you will retain business with competitors.

Here is where cooperating with a personal trainer SEO business can help you. We are the most rapidly expanding digital marketing agency in the United Kingdom, specialising in search engine optimisation for businesses.

With over five years of experience in the digital marketing sector supplying comprehensive, cutting-edge SEO strategies, we have utilised SEO to assist insurance companies in ranking higher in Google search results.


What Is SEO Consultancy For Personal Trainers?

SEO consultancy for a fitness business improves a website’s visibility in search engines without paying for such visibility. Understanding this will help you better appreciate the value of search engine optimisation (SEO) for your company’s website and online presence.

The Benefits Of SEO Consultancy For Personal Trainers

Heightened Exposure

Sites that rank higher in organic search results for a keyword or phrase tend to receive more clicks and potential customers.

Sales-Ready Prospects

You will always have potential customers who find your business because they search for what you offer on Google.

Financial Stability

Are you anxiously awaiting the next potential lead? A highly-ranked website can relieve that pressure by providing a steady stream of interested customers.

Why Choose Us?

Like the rest of our marketing methods, the SEO services we offer to personal trainers are meant to have a long-term effect on your company. By carefully considering relevant search engine marketing keywords, cultivating positive online reviews, and acquiring backlinks to your website from high-quality domain links, we will increase your website’s traffic and aid in creating a sales funnel full of highly-convertible leads.

The Growth Giants team is dedicated to boosting your site to the first page of search engine results, where most customers will find it. Nearly half of all clicks on search engine results in pages go to the top three listings, and almost all (90%) clicks occur on the first page of search results.

What Makes Good SEO Consultancy For Personal trainers?

A good SEO consultancy for personal trainers should clearly understand the fitness industry, the specific needs of personal trainers, and how to implement effective SEO strategies to help their client’s websites rank higher in search engine results pages.

Types Of SEO Consultancy We Offer For Personal trainers

We offer these types of SEO consultancy to personal trainers:

Backlink Audit For Personal trainers

Backlink audit for personal trainers refers to analysing the backlinks pointing to a personal trainer’s website to evaluate their quality, relevance and strength in search engine optimization (SEO) and online visibility.

On-Page Content Audit For Personal trainers

In non-technical language, we identify the appropriate SEO keywords and search phrases that will bring your company to the attention of its target audience at the most reasonable times. With our content marketing plan, you can rest assured that your firm will reach the top of search engine results for the products and areas you are most interested in doing business.

Technical Audit For Personal trainers

This process is part of improving site speed, getting a passing grade in Google’s Core Web Vitals test, enabling SSL encryption, and addressing issues uncovered in an SEO scan. We have in-house fitness industry website developers who can fix technical SEO issues.

Internal Link Audit For Personal trainers

Personal trainers who want to improve their website’s search engine rankings and attract more traffic should conduct a thorough internal link SEO audit. We start by identifying the most critical pages on your website, such as your homepage, services page, contact page, blog page, etc. These pages should be easily accessible from all other pages.

The Ranking Blueprint For Personal Trainers

The Ranking SEO Blueprint for Personal Trainers is a strategy designed to improve the visibility of a personal trainer’s website in search engine results pages (SERPs). We can handle this through keyword research and analysis.

How Much Does SEO Consultancy Cost For Personal Trainers Companies?

The average cost for SEO consultancy for personal trainers is between £300 and £5200 monthly. Growth Giants does things differently than the average company when pursuing a new client. Many factors can influence the cost. Therefore, get in touch today for an exact quote. Our experts will investigate your needs, the current market, and the composition of your intended audience before quoting a price.

Client Testimonials

“Everyone on this team, thank you for all your efforts we clearly see it in our personal training website. Using them as your SEO consultant is a safe bet. I highly recommend Growth Giants.”

“We get along great, and when one of our clients in another industry needs help with their digital marketing strategy, we always send them your way. We cannot express our gratitude for your contributions to our success with your effective personal training SEO for our web pages.”

“The influx of new local customers has increased dramatically in recent months from the proposed search terms. When asked about the company, we always have nothing but good things to say because our personal trainer website is thriving because of you.”


Q. Can Blogging Help With SEO For Personal Trainers?

Regularly publishing high-quality blog content on your website can improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic.

Q. When Is A Good Time To Begin SEO?

Once a trainer has enough consistent monthly income, they should invest in search engine optimisation. In this case, the earlier, the better.

Q. What Are Some Key Elements Of SEO For Personal Trainer Websites?

Some key elements include using relevant keywords in your website content, having a mobile-friendly website, optimising page titles and meta descriptions, and building high-quality backlinks.

Find Out More

Contact Growth Giants if you own a personal training business and want to collaborate with an SEO company specialising in the fitness industry. We will analyse your SEO approach at no cost and outline the steps we will take to expand our personal training business on your behalf.

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