PPC for Resin Flooring Installers

We are a leading business growth company in the UK that specialises in digital marketing. Over the years, we have worked with many clients from all sectors, offering us the expertise and skills required to ensure success for our current clients in resin flooring.

Working with epoxy resin systems requires a very specific target audience to market your goods and services to. Compared to other contractors, working in this specific area of flooring solutions requires specific information and highly curated content to ensure you are reaching the right group of people. This is something that can be done through digital marketing and PPC, which is something we offer as marketing specialists.

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Pay per click marketing is a highly effective strategy for flooring contractors who are looking to reach a wider audience and increase business revenue, but this is only the case when it is done right. If you want to promote your services and reach people who are actively looking for the epoxy flooring you offer, PPC is the right way to go.

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What Is PPC For Flooring Contractors?

Pay per click is a form of digital marketing that can bring more people to your website, improve business revenue and generate active leads. 

PPC is a great marketing strategy for those in a specific industry, such as epoxy material manufacturers and floor contractors, as it allows you to target active leads and can be cheaper than other forms of digital marketing. This is because, in pay per click marketing, you only pay out whenever your advertisement is used.

A PPC campaign will start with an auction which takes place between high-profile websites or search engines and clients, like those who work in resin flooring. You will bid for a position in search results or a prime location on a high-traffic website, and the highest bidder gets the best spot.

Following this auction, the only time you pay out for this advertising is when your link is used, which is why PPC is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing on offer. 

This is a way of developing lead generation for your brand without the time and expense usually associated with digital marketing, and it can be tailored to very specific industries, keywords, and audiences. 

Pay per click advertising essentially allows businesses to pay for their way into prime positions online instead of working on other aspects, like search engine optimisation or paying over the odds for other digital marketing efforts.

There are several forms of PPC that can be used to your advantage, but one of the most popular is search engine PPC. This is where you will pay to appear in search results for specific keywords and will have a prime position. For example, whenever someone searches for resin flooring or enters project specifications that relate to your company, your link will appear in a high-performance position so it can attract attention.

PPC is essentially a way of buying visits to your site by making your link appear high in search results instead of working on SEO and doing this organically over time. 

As digital marketing specialists, we can provide a range of services to those who work in the flooring industry, including PPC. We can work with you to develop an effective PPC campaign, helping your website get the prime position in search results and on other relevant websites, so audiences are more likely to interact with your work.

If you are interested in other ways we generate leads for resin flooring contractors, be sure to have a read of our dedicated resin flooring installer lead generation page to find out more.

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The Benefits of PPC For Resin Flooring Contractors

Working in the flooring industry, whether you are a preparation group or one of the material manufacturers, requires a very specific audience base. 

To get the traffic onto your website and meet the business requirements of your brand, you need to be able to connect with people who are specifically looking for what you offer.

PPC is one of the most effective marketing strategies for those working in resin flooring as it allows you to target customers who are actively looking for what you offer. It is a way of generating hot leads and is ideal for businesses that need to attract customers at a very specific time. 

This is a unique form of digital marketing that can be used by any sector, and it can lead to a great deal of success in the form of online traffic. When done well, PPC can offer benefits such as:

Active Lead Generation

Pay per click marketing is a way of targeting people who are actively searching for what you offer based on specific keywords. For example, your PPC campaign can be linked to any kind of search term, whether this is floor preparation, industrial floors, specific products like resin coating or ceramic flooring, as well as technical advice that your audience may be looking for.

We will work with you to determine the best keywords and search terms to use throughout your PPC campaign, ensuring you get a prime position in relatable, active searches where you will be exposed to a wide range of clients. When it comes to floor preparation and technical advice in this field, it is important that you reach people when they need your services, and there is usually a very small window of opportunity.

PPC marketing works in this window of opportunity, helping to get your link out there when people are actively searching for what you are offering, whether this is a resin coating, floor markings or any other key services that your business can offer.

Low Maintenance Marketing

Compared to other forms of digital marketing for flooring adhesives specialists, PPC is very low maintenance yet still ensures a high performance. This is because pay per click marketing requires you to pay for your position in search results or on websites instead of getting this organically.

Usually, a complex search engine optimisation campaign will be required to get such a prime position in search results. This can take a lot of time and money, which those working in the most demanding site conditions cannot afford. PPC, however, gives you the same benefits of a high-ranking link without the work and time that is usually required to get there.

Pay per click marketing is a way of paying for visitors to your website instead of waiting for them to come organically, which is why it is ideal for businesses that have a vast array of responsibilities to manage and cannot dedicate more time to marketing, such as those working in surface re-texturing or adhesive removal, like resin flooring contractors.

Allows For Local Marketing

PPC marketing allows you to get onto the relevant surface not only in terms of finding people who are looking for what you offer right now but also for more specific requirements such as location.

Whether you are advertising floor paint, surface preparation, or environmentally friendly solutions for flooring, it is possible to tailor your marketing campaign to a specific location in the UK. This means you can reach people who are looking for relevant surface preparation in their area as this is what they are looking for.

Flooring adhesives are available across the UK, so being able to tailor your preparation group’s operatives to a specific region, city or town can help you stand out further and is a great way to increase online traffic. 

Can Contribute To SEO

While PPC is essentially a way of paying for search engine optimisation instead of working on it organically, this marketing strategy can contribute to any other digital marketing endeavour you do in the future. 

This is especially the case for SEO as pay per click marketing will bring more people to your link, which increases the relevancy of your site as well as domain authority.

These are two factors that are considered by search engines, such as Google, when it comes to ranking their search results for specific terms such as floor paint, resin flooring, or even floor polishing. PPC can contribute to the future SEO for our website, helping to keep your link relevant and ensuring it will organically rank high in search results so you can stand out against other material manufacturers. 

Allows You To Tailor Your Advertising Campaigns

PPC is a relatively inexpensive form of marketing compared to the other ways that you could promote your surface preparation group online.

There is a small fee associated with loading comments this way, in terms of the auction for the prime position, as well as the fact that you will only pay for your advertisement if and when it is used by clients, but this is significantly lower than any other form of digital marketing.

With those low risks associated with PPC, it can be a great tool to use to inform future site surveys and advertising campaigns. 

In the most demanding site conditions, there is not a lot of time to develop a cohesive marketing plan, even when working with a specialist, as there needs to be insight and research done into your company to ensure the finishing techniques will be effective. 

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PPC is a way of bypassing all of this and testing out keywords to see which is going to be the most effective for your brand. This can then be used to inform any future advertising campaigns and ensure success every time.

Pay per click marketing can be a highly effective tool for those offering services such as floor polishing, refurbishment projects, and other flooring solutions because of these benefits. 

We have worked with many companies in this field of marketing, including developing successful PPC campaigns, and we can offer you the skills and expertise required to get it right. If you are interested in the benefits that PPC can bring to your surface preparation group, please get in touch with us today to learn more.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading business growth company, we have worked with many clients within the flooring industry to develop successful marketing campaigns. 

We offer a range of services to our clients, ensuring we can meet any surface preparation group’s operatives when it comes to advertising their services, improving online traffic, and increasing business revenue. Included in this are the work and technical advice we can provide for PPC campaigns, helping your website get noticed in active searches for environmentally friendly solutions, ceramic flooring, and any other product you offer.

Our company has years of experience in the field and has received hundreds of excellent reviews from past clients. We can help get your brand the attention it deserves, working to increase internet traffic and improve overall revenue so you can continue to provide the services you do.

If you are wanting to improve business operations and want to reach as many people as possible, then you have come to the right place. We can develop a successful PPC campaign for your brand, helping you to rank highly in search results and offer prime advertising positions so you can see lasting success.

To work with us or learn more about what we offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

What Makes Good PPC for A Surface Preparation Group?

While PPC is one of the easiest forms of digital marketing and can offer great results, it is still important to understand the level of expertise and research that goes into making a successful campaign of this kind.

To ensure that your brand stands out in the right way and targets the audience you desire, skills are needed to get a PPC campaign off the ground. 

As a leading marketing company in the UK, we can ensure success with any PPC campaign because we understand what is required in this kind of advertising.

A successful PPC campaign requires:

  • Tailored audience research
  • Local information and keywords
  • Fast and efficient updates to current campaigns
  • Monitoring of results to inform future campaigns 
  • A controlled budget
  • Ongoing market research

As well as these factors, it is important to note that a PPC campaign works best when it is not left in the industrial vacuum. This means it needs to be combined with other forms of marketing to provide the best results, and as a leading marketing company, we can tailor a complete campaign to your brand to ensure success.

Types of PPC We Offer To Key Services

We understand that each business has unique needs, which is why we offer more than one package for PPC, as well as any other digital marketing service we provide. 

When it comes to PCC, this marketing campaign can be done on various platforms to ensure you are reaching as wide of an audience as possible and are reaching the right people at the right time. To ensure this for our clients, we provide the following PPC:

This is the most common form of PPC, and it takes place on search engines.

Paid social media marketing lets you promote products or services through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This form of digital marketing allows you to target specific audiences and helps to drive traffic to your website.

Our social media marketing for resin flooring installer companies has helped hundreds over the years, so why not chat to us today on how we can help your business get to the next level.

Display ads

This is where a relevant image and a link to your website will appear on web pages that have a similar audience base or use the same keywords. 

Social media ads

PPC can take place on all social media sites, offering a combination of text and image-based adverts depending on the platform.

Remarketing ads

This will target people who have already shown an interest in your work or have already visited your website in the past to get them to finish the sale.

Shopping ads

These PPC adverts will appear on sites such as Amazon or other shopping platforms and is a good way to sell your products, such as storage tanks or flooring in square metres, to people who are looking to buy these right now.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This type of digital marketing helps build up trust with the viewers, which can result in higher conversions and more sales.

We can carry out SEO for resin flooring installer companies throughout the UK, so please do feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested.

Local service ads

Site managers can use these kinds of PPC adverts to target people in a specific location.

We offer a range of digital marketing services to our clients in the flooring industry, helping to develop a complete PPC campaign that can generate a lot of traffic to your website. 

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How Much Does PPC Cost?

The average cost of this kind of marketing is £11 per click, with prices being as low as £2 per click. This makes PPC one of the cheapest forms of digital marketing, and it can be highly effective for your business.

To learn more about our prices and to request a free quote, get in touch with us today.

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What is PPC?

PPC is pay per click marketing which is a form of internet advertising. This is a way of paying for visitors to your website instead of generating them organically, offering quicker results for a reduced cost.

How does PPC work?

PPC works based on an auction system. Clients will bid against each other for the prime position in search results or on websites. Once the auction is done, the only time you will pay for your PPC ads is when they are used by customers to access your services.

Is PPC worth it?

Digital marketing is an important thing for all companies to invest in as it is the most effective way of reaching an audience in the current market. PPC is a way of paying for more visitors to your site, and a successful campaign can contribute to better advertising in the future, making this small investment incredibly beneficial from day one.

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If you are interested in reaching a wider audience and improving revenue, then you have come to the right place. 

As marketing specialists, we can provide a range of services to your company, including PPC, which can bring more visitors to your site faster than any other campaign.

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PPC can be a great way to contribute to successful marketing in the future as well as offer instant results by exposing your link to your active audience. There are many benefits to this kind of marketing, and it can be the best route for your surface preparation group.

If you want to work with us and develop a successful PPC campaign, please get in touch with us today. 

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