PPC for Boiler Installers

We are a leading business growth company in the UK, and we offer a variety of services to businesses across the country. Our team of digital marketing experts can provide a variety of services to increase boiler sales and online traffic to your website, helping boiler installers get the revenue they deserve for their work.

One of the biggest services we offer is PPC advertising. This is a form of digital marketing that can increase the ranking of your website in search results, helping to gain more traffic online. 

We have worked with many clients over the years and continue to support leading brands in the industry. If you want to improve lead generation and reach new customers from your online platforms, we can help.

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What Is PPC For Boiler Installers?

PPC is an effective form of digital marketing that we offer to any heating engineer looking to get more sales and reach new customers online.

For PPC, companies will pay a small fee to platforms such as Google Ads whenever one of their adverts is clicked on. As you only pay for the boiler leads that work, this is a cost-effective form of digital advertising and is one of the cheapest ways to get new customers online.

When you pay Google Ads or any other search engine for your advertising, you are essentially paying for views or an audience. This is an alternative to search engine optimisation or any other form of digital marketing that requires more time, money, and consistency to get the same results.

PPC is a way to pay for your web traffic, and you only pay out once the link has been used. 

As a plumbing business, you are trying to reach a very specific audience which means traditional lead generation efforts are not always going to work. Reaching potential customers needs to be location and time-sensitive, which is why PPC works so effectively for any kind of boiler installation business in this field.

If you are interested in other ways we generate leads for boiler installer companies, be sure to have a read of our dedicated boiler installers lead generation page to find out more.

There are various forms of PPC advertising that we offer our clients, and all of them can be effective in increasing boiler sales or reaching new customers. One of the most popular forms of PPC is on search engines, where you will appear on both Google and other search engine sites whenever specific search terms are mentioned.

Essentially, PPC on search engines is a way of getting the benefits of search engine optimisation without the work that goes into it. It is possible to obtain high-quality leads through search engine PPC without doing anything to optimise your content or improve your social media presence. PPC is a way of paying for your website to rank highly in search engine results and therefore attract attention this way.

PPC works by giving the best positions to the highest bidder. As a heating engineer, you will bid against others in your industry for ad placement. If you are successful in this bidding, your sponsored ad will appear at the top of Google results or in a prime position on websites where it will attract leads.

You do not have to pay to keep your link in this position flowing the bid, as PPC means you only pay when the ad is used. Advertisements are only paid for when they are used, which is why this is one of the best and most cost-effective forms of advertising for any boiler installation business. 

The Benefits Of Boiler Installer PPC

If you are looking to attract more business and are seeking a steady stream of internet traffic to your company website, PPC is a great way to go. We offer a great service for any boiler repair and installation business in the UK, offering PPC services that can get you noticed.

PPC advertising is a way of ranking highly in search engine results or on websites based on industry-specific keywords. It is a way to bring more people to your landing page and increase sales to your business by ranking your company profile in prime positions across the internet.

It is possible to reach audiences who are actively seeking a new boiler or local boiler repair services when using PPC, and this is one of the reasons why it is such an effective marketing service for boiler services. PPC is one of the most effective strategies for those who are looking to improve lead generation and get more sales to their business.

If you are looking for sales in your local area, PPC is a great tool for you. There are many benefits to PPC, which is why we provide it to all kinds of businesses across the UK.

PPC offers excellent benefits to clients, including:

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Cost-effective marketing

Compared to other forms of digital marketing, including search engine optimisation and social media advertising, PPC is one of the cheapest ways to get noticed online. Pay per click advertising is a way to get more leads online without the time and money that is usually associated with these efforts.

When you opt for PPC, there is only a small fee to pay. To appear in a prime position, businesses need to bid against competitors to determine their position, and those with the highest bid will get the best location on search engines or websites. Working with our service ensures a great connection with platforms such as Google Ads, which will make you appear among other trusted traders in any keyword search. 

Following this bidding, you will only pay for your sponsored link once it has been used by customers. 

Costs are dramatically lower when working with this kind of online advertising compared to any other. It is an effective way to lead people to your website without the costs associated with any other form of online advertising, and the small investment required for PPC will be successful in creating leads. 

PPC allows you to target specific clients without the costs in time and money associated with SEO or any other form of optimisation, which is why it is ideal for any sole trader or independent boiler service we work with.

Provides instant traffic to your website

There is a lot of value in PPC because of how much traffic it can generate and how quickly you can see results. Unlike SEO which can take a long time to generate, PPC will lead to increased traffic almost instantly as more people see your website link in a keyword search.

SEO aims to get your link on the first page of search engines, like Google, as this is where the most leads come from. To target the right people and see increased traffic online, your heating installation company needs to be on the first page of a keyword search as customers tend to not look further. 

However, where SEO aims to increase the value and relevancy of your website organically, PPC does the work for you, and you can pay for this prime position in any keyword search that suits your company.

Through PPC, companies are generating more traffic and, therefore, more sales in moments that would usually take weeks, months, or longer with organic SEO. 

When advertising boiler repair or installation, you need to be seen online to get leads, and PPC can give you a prime ranking on Google based on industry-specific search terms. With a high business listing, you will see an increase in traffic immediately, which can lead to more boiler sales and reach potential customers faster than any other effort.

As a boiler company, you are looking for a very specific audience, and a certain amount of these potential customers are looking for what you offer right now. 

This is why our PPC service is ideal for any boiler installation company because it leads you to people as they are searching for what you offer. PPC puts your link in front of people who are actively searching for your service based on keywords such as new boiler, boiler repair, or locations across the UK.

For reduced costs compared to any other form of online marketing, you can target people who are actively looking for your service and appear as a quality link due to your high ranking.

Positive ROI for PPC

In terms of lead generation and costs, it is very easy to measure the effectiveness of PPC and therefore determine the return of investment. 

Unlike SEO or any other service we can offer, it is easier to determine the ROI of PPC due to the instant results it can generate. When you are generating leads instantly, you can determine how great the ROI is for your website. More leads result in more sales, which can be used to determine how worthy your investment in PPC has been.

Considering the low costs associated with this form of advertising, as well as the instant lead generation it creates, PPC has a great ROI.

Can contribute to future SEO strategies

While PPC can be a good alternative to traditional search engine optimisation in terms of creating leads and a high-quality boiler website link, it does not completely eradicate the need for this. PPC and SEO can work together to help you target the right audience and determine the best efforts for generating leads in the future.

As SEO can take a long time, the instant results of PPC are a great asset and one that can lead to future success for your website once the sponsored period has expired. You may use PPC as a way to determine the effectiveness of specific search terms and keywords in generating leads before focusing your SEO efforts on this.

SEO is usually done for free and can take a long time, but PPC offers instant results for a small fee. Companies using PPC have access to a whole range of keyword research when they use PPC, which can lead to more success in SEO in the future.

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For example, specific search terms may generate more leads than others, and it is these keywords that you should continue to focus on in the future to target your audience. It is difficult to see which SEO efforts lead to greater traffic as much of this information is private on Google Ads and other platforms. 

PPC, however, gives you access to a whole range of keywords that have worked and the statistics to back this up.

Any pay per click fraud will not be able to offer these statistics and should be reported. 

Working with our professional team can give you access to this lead generation research throughout the process, and we can help you maximise keywords for the benefit of your website. 

Can improve social media strategies

Likewise, using PPC is an effective way to improve future social media efforts for boilers. The keywords and audience data that are generated by when companies use PPC can be put into social media marketing and help in the generating of more leads and sales this way.

Google Ads, which is the tool used by our team for all PPC campaigns, can create insight into a target audience and the leads generated by specific keywords. This can be a way to tailor your social media strategies and improve the platforms for boilers, so they are reaching a good range of people all the time.

A great tool that is used by our team throughout any PPC campaign is Google Ads Audience Observations. This is a way of seeing not only the leads generated by your PPC campaign but also the kind of audience your work is attracting. 

To continue these boiler leads, we can use this research from Google Adwords on your social media pages to ensure you continue to reach the right people. By focusing your lead generation on a specific audience type, such as a specific location, age, and even gender, it can make all future advertising cheaper and more effective.

This can be ensured by using PPC, and the research Google Ads takes in following these kinds of campaigns.

Consistent leads from PPC

Content marketing and SEO are great ways to appear higher in a Google search, but this is subject to change. To maintain your position among other trusted traders or local authorities in the boiler repair industry, you need to keep on top of SEO to stay ahead of the algorithm.

Staying ahead of the algorithm is something many companies struggle with, and you will be more familiar with this on your company’s social media pages, even though it does apply elsewhere online.

PPC, however, is not subject to change like this as it mainly offers long-term stability by focusing on specific keywords. By paying for your high-ranking position in search term results, your company will continue to appear at the top of all other links regardless of any changes in the algorithm.

Smart retargeting made easier

With all of the information given on Google Ads regarding your PPC campaign, it is easy to continue reaching out to the same audience over time, as well as changing your track for greater success.

PPC gives a much-needed insight into keywords that your audience is using, and you can generate boiler leads through various platforms when using this instant, cost-effective method. If something does not work or generate the boiler leads you to require, PPC is cheap and easy to change.

The research generated by Google Ads can also be used when it comes to changing the track of your company. For example, you can use this information to convert leads that did not fulfil the order process even if they were reached through your PPC or change track completely and target a new audience. 

PPC can create ongoing leads and is a way to get a great insight into people who are searching for boiler repair services where you provide them. This information, provided by Google Ads, can be used in all future strategies and is a way to ensure your company stays on track when generating leads – even if that means changing your desired audience for greater success in the future. 

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking to generate quality leads for your boilers, then you have come to the right place. As marketing specialists, we provide a range of services to our customers across the UK, and our team is experts in PPC advertising to ensure the best results every time.

We have worked with boiler repair companies for years, ensuring we have great knowledge not only of marketing but also of the boiler repair industry as a whole. This means we know what works for companies like yours and how to best navigate the boiler repair industry to ensure you come out on top.

Our team offers some of the best marketing services in the UK, including a range of PPC packages for a great price. We are considered an authority in the boiler repair industry for our marketing work, and we can help generate more boiler leads, so you see the revenue you deserve.

We offer quality service and can help prevent pay per click fraud, so do not go anywhere else for your marketing needs. Our business is well established, and we have a great reputation in the boiler industry due to how many customers we work with. 

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What Makes Good PPC For Boiler Repair Companies?

To get the most value from your PPC campaign, it needs to be specific to your industry so you can target the right audience every time. This is why working with our team is a guaranteed way to create a quality PPC campaign for your boiler repair company, as we have a lot of experience in this field.

What all boiler repair companies have in common is the audience they attract. You want to find people who are actively looking for the services you offer and appear as a quality resource to come out on top compared to other competitors.

PPC is a great way for any boiler company to reach an audience that is actively looking for boiler repair, installation, or any of the other industry-specific services you offer.

Paying for an advertisement in Google search will make your business appear whenever these keywords are searched, meaning you are reaching specific customers on demand. Considering most customers boiler repair companies encounter are first-timers, meaning they require your service and use you when required instead of relying on the same name every time, it is clear to see why PPC can be done effectively for companies in this field.

It is once you have been used by customers that you can continue to develop this relationship with them, so they continue to use your services whenever they are needed in future.

There is a lot of value that comes with PPC marketing, and this kind of work can continue to benefit your company in the future. Google will collect statistics related to your lead generation that can then be used in any future endeavours on search engines and social media, ensuring success every time.

Another perk that comes with PPC for boiler businesses is the low cost. It is possible to generate quality leads using PPC without the costs associated with any other form of marketing.

While PPC is not free, there is a very small cost associated with marketing, and any company with high charges is running a pay per click fraud. The small cost associated with PPC comes from paying Google or other platforms to appear in their results. 

Boiler companies will bid for the best position on Google or other web pages, and this cost is associated with the position of your link. Once your link appears on Google, you will only need to pay every time it is used. This is a very small cost for advertising compared to anything else out there, and it can be a great asset to small businesses and sole traders like those in the boiler repair industry. 

Working with Google Ads, local trade directories, and other online tools, we can help lead people to your website for a small marketing cost. Even if you have a small budget for advertising, it is possible to get more business, and we can provide a free quote for all our services. 

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Types of PPC We Offer To Boiler Repair Companies

Getting more boiler leads is made easy with PPC, and this can take place across the internet.

One of the most common kinds of PPC that we offer is search engine advertising, where Google Ads is the main player. This is where your sponsored ad will appear top in Google results and above other businesses using the same keywords.

As well as this kind of PPC, we also offer:

Display advertising

This is where images of businesses appear on specific websites or Google pages with a link to your website.

Social Media Advertising

This kind of ad can be text, image, or even video that appears on social media. We make businesses appear on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media pages based on the interests of users, and this can take many forms depending on the cost.

Our social media marketing for boiler installer companies has helped hundreds over the years, so why not chat to us today on how we can help your business get to the next level.

Search Advertising

This is where your link will appear high in Google or other search engineer results based on keywords. Your link is sponsored by will appear as any other website in the results to attract business.

We can carry out SEO for boiler installer companies throughout the UK, so please do feel free to get in touch with us today if this is something you would be interested in.

Google Shopping

We use Google shopping and Amazon for PPC, where your boilers will appear in searches for this kind of product.


This is a way of attracting people who have already interacted with your business in some way, whether this is using your website or social media pages.

The information will come from Google Ads and is used for retargeting people who have already shown an interest in what you offer to encourage them to finalise the sale.

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How Much Does PPC Cost For A Boiler Business?

The cost of PPC will vary based on the needs of your business and the kind of campaign we create. The average cost of PPC in the UK is around £59 per package, with single costs of up to £1.32 each time.

To learn more about our costs and to request a free quote, get in touch with us today. 

Client Testimonials

“We have seen great success since working with Growth Giants and would recommend their marketing to anyone”

“As a small business, we have a limited marketing fund but have been able to get the results we were hoping for since working with this team”

“I would recommend Growth Giants to any company who wants to reach more people and more money”


What is PPC?

PPC is a way of paying for a high ranking or top position online. This is a cheap marketing effort that can obtain more traffic to your website by reaching people via keyword searches.

Is PPC Worth It For My Business?

Using PPC is a way to gain more boiler leads by attracting a specific audience, and it can provide success for a long time. Using Google Ads research as well as paid advertising, you can increase traffic and get more sales now and in the future.

Working with an experienced market team like us is a way to ensure success from PPC and other advertising forms, as we have the connections and knowledge required to get it right.

How Does PPC Work?

PPC works by getting businesses to bid for the top position in search results or on web pages. Once this bid has been made, the business will only pay for its advertisement when it is used by customers.

There is a small cost associated with every click your advert gets, which is why this kind of marketing is ideal for a business in the boiler industry.

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If you are looking to make more money through your business and attract customers, PPC is a great way to go. 

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