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PPC is a major part of online advertising, and having a solid PPC campaign can be the heart of your overall marketing strategy. Of course, it is not easy to jump into PPC advertising right away, especially without experience.

We can provide a range of PPC advertising services that can help your architectural company reach new potential clients with ease. 

Our excellent track record of past PPC advertising campaigns has given us all the experience we need to tackle digital marketing in any industry.

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Good PPC marketing can be the thing that pushes up-and-coming architecture firms into a full-blown successful architectural company. 

Whether it is Google Ads or a different platform entirely, PPC ads are not something you should underestimate.

If you are interested in other ways we generate leads of Architects, be sure to have a read of our dedicated Architect lead generation pages to find out more.


What is PPC for Architects?

PPC advertising, or pay-per-click advertising, is an extremely important part of modern marketing. PPC advertising focuses on paying for PPC ads on platforms like Google Ads, displaying ads for your business on search engines and online sites.

An architecture firm can use PPC campaigns just as much as any other industry. Good PPC campaigns can draw more traffic into your sales funnel, build brand awareness, and produce real results while keeping your ad spend at the lowest cost possible.

PPC advertising is powerful but hard to master. Like any digital marketing method, a PPC ad can either go very well or very badly, and paid advertising requires expertise and skill to pull off well. A third-party PPC campaign company like us is usually the best place to turn.

The Benefits of Architecture Industry PPC

PPC ad strategies have become an incredibly important part of digital marketing as a whole, to the point that Google Ads is now a core part of most search marketing efforts. 

This makes paid advertising one of the most important things you can consider when advertising your business.

Beyond that, though, there are numerous benefits that make a strong focus on PPC more rewarding.

  • You only spend money when somebody clicks an ad.
  • You gain more customers faster than waiting for organic traffic.
  • You have more options for lead generation.
  • There is far more data to measure.
  • You can customise your PPC campaign in real-time.
  • Most platforms allow for dual ad testing to help you decide on the best ad copy for each campaign.
  • You can create an ad campaign for each new product or product line you are aiming to promote.
  • PPC provides faster results than organic marketing techniques.

These are only the most basic benefits, but they are also some of the most important for all businesses that are looking into paid ads. 

Even a small investment into PPC marketing can provide you with a range of features and tools that you otherwise would not have.

Why Choose Us?

We are a reliable and heavily-experienced PPC company with a range of different past projects under our belt. 

Our past clients have included multiple architecture firms, as well as other businesses within similar industries.

Our PPC company experts have spent years training with the most popular PPC tools, understanding the ins and outs of Google Analytics and how to create a Google Ads campaign that works.

We know how to offer a company a campaign that can manage to beat its competitors, promote its products, find new leads, expand to other industries and provide fast results all in one dense package. Unlike most PPC companies, we keep every part of our work bespoke.

What Makes Good PPC For Architecture Firms?

Good PPC is not just about understanding analytics and how to write ads. Marketing is a delicate balance of lead generation, conversion tracking, gathering new clients, knowing when to run ads and marketing the right things at the right time.

It can be a lot to manage, and the marketing process often requires services or tools that companies do not have. 

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Even the smallest business can benefit from a campaign of one or two ads, but creating those ads requires a lot of trial and error.


Ads need to be practical and efficient. We write all of our ad copy to represent the business and team we are working with, using multimedia options only when necessary and sticking to practical ad layouts and copy whenever possible.


PPC is pointless if the ads are not providing any clear results. We design all of our first-time architecture firm campaigns to provide results as soon as they can, establishing a good baseline for future campaigns or services that might take a slower approach.


A large part of our architecture firm work goes into making sure that campaigns can be adjusted at a moment’s notice, such as changing to keywords that would earn more revenue. Beating the competition with low-cost ads or effective campaigns is extremely important.

SEO Compatibility

We always try to balance our clients’ SEO with their PPC ads, making sure that one can support the other. 

SEO services can be the perfect way to catch potential customers that paid keywords might have missed.

We can carry out SEO for Architects throughout the UK, so please do feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested.


Whatever new keywords you decide on using and however you try to market your services, we always keep them relevant to architects as a whole. 

Our team knows how to advertise architects in ways that can beat out the competition and draw in more clients over time.

Types of PPC We Can Offer to Architects

We have a wide range of PPC services that we can offer to architects, whether that is solo contractors or an entire firm. 

All of these advertising techniques are suitable for different situations, and we have had experience working with each one both individually and all together.

We can offer effective paid search advertising services, from even the most basic keyword research to a completely custom landing page for a particular ad.

Display Google Ads

We are able to construct excellent ads for the display network, mixing media and ad copy flawlessly to produce something that will attract high traffic for a low cost.

Social Media PPC Advertising

Our social media advertising allows us to gather leads in places beyond the search network and even draw in leads who would not have been leads outside of that social platform.

Our social media marketing for Architects has helped hundreds over the years, so why not chat to us today on how we can help your business get to the next level.

Remarketing via Google Analytics

Remarketing at likely leads lets us grab even more potential clients for your business, nudging said leads to contact you or revisit your website so that your sales funnel can capture them.

Video Advertising

We are able to create excellent video advertising materials and can market them to your chosen audience in a way that will target the specific kind of leads you are looking for.

How Much Does PPC Actually Cost for Architecture?

The cost of PPC heavily depends on your budget. Aside from keywords needing a daily budget, you also need to pay for individual services depending on what you are looking for.

The nature of PPC is that you pay for advertising, and your budget has to reflect that. 

We offer a way to get increased revenue that can offset the higher budget, which we would need to pay for website advertisements or other ad techniques.

Expect to pay around £1 or less per click for a very basic ad, or as high as £200 across an entire month. We talk with our clients before each campaign to establish a budget and other important boundaries, making sure that we know the limitations we are working under.

Client Testimonials

“We really struggled to get good keywords, and we weren’t trained for negative keywords at all. As soon as we were taken on as clients, they completely overhauled our search terms and gave our website twice the traffic it already had.”

“Search advertising was too much for our staff to handle. Now, we’re outsourcing it, and we see regular revenue from Google traffic.”

“We were already appearing in search results, but not on websites. Display advertising fixed that, and now we’re pushing our architecture skills to a huge audience of interested customers.”


Do Quality Scores matter?

Quality score is a measurement of how well ads perform. A bad score means that the ad will show less, so improving it is always the best option if you want more widespread ad coverage.

Do I need negative keywords?

Negative keywords prevent irrelevant terms from triggering your advertisements. 

This is important in any industry, especially ones like architecture, where different items and designs have specific names.

Is Google the best advertising platform?

Your website can see a lot of success on Google, making it one of the better platforms to choose. 

However, it is a good idea to branch out once your business gets larger – other search engines have their own unique audiences too.

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If you want to know more about what we can offer, get in touch and let us know what you are looking for. Our staff can make sure that you are getting the expertise and support that you need, and we are willing to take on bespoke projects for our clients as needed.

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