Link Building for Resin Flooring Installers

We are a well-established marketing and link building company with a wide range of services under our belt. Our company has worked with a wide range of contractors and trade companies, including a large pool of industrial resin flooring contractors.

All businesses that handle a physical trade need a constant stream of customers to survive. If you are not getting enough customers or attention to sustain your own resin floor business, then link building and marketing are often the best way to gather more interest.

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If you are looking for link building services, then our expert staff can provide the exact assistance you need to start bringing in more customers. While links might sound simple in theory, knowing how to use them can be one of the hardest marketing tricks to learn.

Whether you are trying to build new links or make better use of the ones you already have, we are here to help. Our past expertise has given us the skills we need to gather and improve links for businesses in the resin flooring industry or any contractor that can provide a resin flooring project.


Link Building for Resin Flooring Contractors

We are one of the UK’s most effective marketing and link-building companies, offering our services to a wide range of commercial and industrial clients. This includes resin flooring specialists and companies that offer resin flooring services – something that can be in very high demand.

What is Link Building for Resin Flooring Systems?

Link building is one of the most important parts of a successful resin flooring installer SEO campaign, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. So what exactly is link building for resin flooring installers?

Link building is a direct form of SEO (search engine optimisation) that focuses on increasing how high your site ranks in search engines. The better your overall SEO, the more likely your business is to appear on the front page of relevant internet searches, giving you more natural traffic.

How does link-building work?

Link building is based on keywords and link quality. Getting a relevant link from another site back to your own site can increase its overall search ranking score, putting it higher in search results.

In simple terms, this means that you want a lot of links from high-quality sites – but only if they are relevant. A blog post about resin flooring installation that links to a page on your own site with a resin flooring association is a good example, and most of the leading resin flooring contractors focus on building links for this exact reason.

Why does link building matter for resin flooring contractors?

You want people to find your business when they look up terms like resin floor, resin floors, resin flooring, and so on. By including links that use resin flooring-related terms, you can increase the chance that somebody will see your site during a search for a term like resin floors or resin floor coating.

More search presence means more overall customers, and more customers mean more profits. Links are a cost-effective alternative to regular advertising, but it takes time to build the perfect resin flooring links for your business.

The Benefits of Resin Floor Link Building

Building better links for your resin flooring business can have a range of useful benefits, even if not all of them are immediately obvious. For example:

  • Higher search rankings for resin flooring terms.
  • More incoming traffic from resin floor customers.
  • More ways to gain consistent resin flooring traffic.
  • Lowered bounce rates (the rate of people leaving without exploring your site).
  • Increased opportunities to push for resin floor sales.
  • Stronger connections with other sites.
  • Additional ways to network with smaller platforms.
  • New sets of site metrics to analyse when looking at your site performance.
  • Increased site credibility and overall trust.
  • More ways to direct traffic to specific pages, such as an epoxy resin flooring sales page.

Link building for resin flooring contractors and businesses is going to vary based on your own personal needs and goals. Some companies may only offer certain kinds of resin floor, and others may only want to market particular kinds of resin floors in specific ways.

Why Choose Us?

We are a UK-based marketing company with a long list of previous projects behind us. 

Having worked with countless clients from all across the UK, we are able to support even the smallest resin flooring contractors, using our marketing expertise to provide a range of link-building and SEO services.

Growth Giants can help you generate more resin flooring installer leads, through out link building services.

Our Experience

Over the years, we have been able to refine our work to cover a much wider range of flooring project types and have gained keen insight into the resin systems industry. Our familiarity with marketing flooring solutions has given us a long list of different techniques and tricks to help market your business more effectively.

Our Staff

All of our staff are well-trained and understand the resin floor coating market well. If you are looking to have somebody market your resin flooring options, then we can provide the results you want at an extremely high standard of quality and care.

What Makes Good Link Building For Resin Flooring Project Firms?

There can be a lot of detail that goes into each of our link building projects, and not all companies or clients want the exact same thing. 

Even making sure that links are maintained correctly can be tough, so we have to put a lot of focus on each individual element of our marketing work to get the results that we are looking for.

Working with Clients

Understanding link building is important, and we make sure to keep our clients educated on how we can market their resin flooring options to their customers. 

If you do not know much about link building and SEO in general, then you will want to be at least partially informed so that you can better understand our services.

Building Good Resin Floor Links

Building links is not easy, and resin flooring can cover a lot of different terms and niches that all have to be considered. We can’t give away our marketing techniques and secrets, but we can explain some of the principles behind good link building in a niche like epoxy flooring.

Keywords for Resin Flooring

Keywords are the heart of all SEO, including link building. Marketing your resin flooring with the right terms makes all the difference, and choosing the correct keywords can have a major impact on your overall marketing strength.

Keyword Relevancy

Keywords need to match what you are selling. For example, using a term like chemical reaction can help if you are linking to a page selling hard-wearing chemical-damage-protected epoxy floors with high chemical resistance since those terms are directly related.

Keyword Choice

In most cases, links are created bespoke. There is no perfect strategy for gathering links across all industries, and the flooring you offer can completely change the techniques we need to employ. As such, a lot of our flooring link building work needs to be discussed with you before we can do anything.

Resin Flooring vs Epoxy Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is not one unified product. Even if you are just a small resin flooring company, you will want to specify different types of resin flooring to make sure that you are always marketing the right one to the right people.

Marketing normal resin flooring is easy enough since “resin flooring” is a very general term. However, epoxy resin flooring is a specific subset of resin flooring, and that makes epoxy resin floors a slightly more niche product – since not every customer will be looking for it.


Links need to be very specific. A link with the keyword epoxy resin floor will get different results than just resin floor, and this applies to the pages as well. Linking to a page about resin floor services will work better with certain links compared to a page specifically about epoxy resin floor services.

Choosing the right keywords is a necessary part of link building. Some people search for epoxy resin floor specifically, while other people will search for resin floors expecting to find epoxy resin floors.


Relevancy is always the most important part of choosing terms. A search for polyurethane flooring is going to provide different results to epoxy flooring, industrial resin flooring, and longer search terms like how to choose resin flooring.

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Relevancy can be extremely tough to work with. Marketing extremely hard-wearing and slip-resistant resin for commercial spaces (such as commercial kitchens) might need us to focus on resin flooring materials or the slip-resistant floor coating for the best results.


The more relevant a term is, the better it performs. Marketing epoxy resin flooring with epoxy floors or epoxy resin floors is better than using epoxy coating since epoxy coatings are not exactly the same product.

You want to drive traffic to your site through relevant searches for your flooring solutions. 

Somebody who finds your site through the term polished concrete floors will not stay long enough to see your products if they are placed onto a page about epoxy resin flooring instead of polished concrete flooring, so directing them to the right pages matters.


Relevancy is also important for SEO reasons. Using relevant and appropriate terms increases the boost that link building can offer to your site, giving you a stronger internet presence. 

For example, advertising epoxy floors with terms like epoxy resin flooring is going to bump your site a little higher up in the search rankings.

This does not just go for product names, either. Things like flooring for commercial environments or commercial kitchens flooring solution specify certain places, and terms like anti-slip smooth finish resin flooring or extremely durable new floor deal with elements of the floor itself.

The perfect flooring links are the ones that relate perfectly to the subject matter of the page they are linking to. 

Treat it as a way of gathering traffic – a link saying resin systems that takes you to concrete flooring systems would not earn many customers since you are advertising the wrong product.

Link Location

Search engines judge links based on where they are placed and the kind of content that hosts them. The more relevant and reasonable the link is, the more powerful it can become (and the less your site will be penalised by search engines like Google).

Getting a resin flooring link from a site that has no connection to epoxy floor can work by placing it in relevant content (such as a blog post about getting a new basement floor). As long as the content lines up properly, you can still get the SEO benefits.

Irrelevant Sites

The bigger problem is situations where the link is not relevant at all. A small snippet of text about resin systems on a site that deals with free technical advice about gaming computers will not give you very much SEO credit and can actually damage your overall link profile in the long run.

Link Destination

The destination of a link also matters in SEO contexts. If you are trying to advertise floors for industrial settings that are designed to handle chemicals and heavy machinery, then point the link at a page that includes terms like industrial settings or chemical resistance.

The overall quality of the page makes a difference too. Commercial resin floor companies with poorly designed websites are going to have trouble building links to resin systems since certain parts of their site (loading times, site relevancy, user retention) can be lowering their overall presence on the internet.

Sometimes good link-building can be elevated to great link-building with some tweaks to the site, even something as simple as replacing certain terms. 

For example, a specific site page might perform better with resin flooring replacing epoxy flooring.

Types of Link Building We Offer for Resin Flooring Specialists

We can offer a range of link building services related to resin floors as a whole and can easily narrow our focus down to market specific kinds of epoxy floors in different ways.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are any flooring solution link coming in from another site. We can provide flooring inbound links quite often, finding blogs or an online commercial space that would be perfect for hosting those kinds of links.

A lot of these require us to go and talk with the site owner themselves. Finding a good fit is important – promoting epoxy resin flooring is not ideal for a site that has no connection to epoxy flooring and no desire to promote epoxy floors.

Editorial Links

Editorial links come naturally when your site has information that other people want to link to. For example, if you have an article about how to get an anti-slip seamless finish for your flooring solution, then sites with articles about anti-slip properties might link to you.

This requires good content on your website, and you also want it to be relevant. An article about methyl methacrylate or polyurethane screeds is great for people who want to learn about health and safety standards, or the chemicals involved in a flooring project, but it might not draw in that many paying customers directly.

Guest Blog Links

Guest blog posts are pre-arranged posts that we write for a blog or site. These are harder to arrange since they require more discussion with the target site, but they give you full control over what the content of the page will actually be.

This can be important for marketing something more specific than just an epoxy resin floor. For example, marketing concrete floors with high chemical-resistance resin coatings and anti-slip properties can be a very specific task but using specially made content allows you to market this epoxy flooring perfectly.

We can approach possible guest blogging sites in a professional manner and discuss the best options that suit both your and their needs. Advertising an epoxy floor in this way can be very effective, but it takes time to get it right.

Social Media Links

Social Media link-building services are a great way to get your business in front of new audiences. They are also relatively easy to get because you can share content without asking for anything, but what makes us the best link-building company is the quality of link building services that we offer on social media.

We can also offer social media marketing services for resin flooring installer companies as wee, so be sure to look through that should you be interested.

How Much Does Link Building Cost for Resin Flooring Systems Companies?

Epoxy resin link building can cost anywhere from £100 to £10,000 or more per month, depending on the scale of your company and what you need. 

A smaller epoxy flooring business might only need a couple of epoxy floor links per month, whereas a larger company could be promoting epoxy flooring dozens of times per week.

Client Testimonials

“Our industrial flooring solutions weren’t selling, and we couldn’t advertise the chemical resistance element in the right places. Now, we’re selling that hard-wearing industrial flooring to some large companies that used to be out of our league.”

“It was a struggle to sell our installation process over some of the larger epoxy flooring companies in our area, but placing a few epoxy resin links in the right places gave us our own dedicated customer base.”


Are social media links for epoxy floor worth it? 

Epoxy flooring can be advertised in a lot of places, and social media can be a great tool to promote your epoxy floor options. We can help you produce a social media campaign to get your epoxy floor out there and noticed.

What floor details are important for links?

Even mentioning that your hard-wearing epoxy flooring can come in a range of colours makes a massive difference. 

That range of colours can be the selling point somebody needed to buy some of that hard-wearing epoxy flooring directly from you.

How much should I advertise my resin floors?

Marketing your flooring should never be a one-off thing. If your business is focused on flooring, then advertising flooring is a core part of your marketing strategy. 

Some specific floor options might not be as popular at certain times or for certain markets, but you should never stop marketing your flooring entirely.

Find Out More

If you are looking for solutions for marketing your flooring correctly, then we can provide the help that you will need.

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Building links to promote your flooring means understanding your floor products and providing the tools you need to actually market it all correctly.

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