Email Marketing for Recruitment Agencies

Email marketing is an excellent resource for your recruitment agency, but only if you do it right. Otherwise, whatever you spend on it is money down the drain. Recruitment agencies like yours needs and effective email campaign with an attractive subject line to engage with your clients for prospecting and building brand image.

In a world where the staffing and recruiting industry is increasingly moving online, you want an expert partner to handle your email marketing campaigns so that you do not lose to your competitors.

We are a company that specialises in building an online presence and email campaigns that convert for recruitment firms like yours. In the time we have been operational, we have accumulated unique experience and used it to formulate digital marketing strategies that put you ahead of your competitors.

Find out why implementing a recruitment email marketing campaign is essential and how you will benefit in attracting potential candidates to your job ads.

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What is Email Marketing for Recruitment Agencies?

Email marketing refers to using email to prospect for and transact business. At the same time, this builds brand awareness and loyalty. Every recruitment emails put out during business counts as email marketing. Therefore your emailing must be strategic and purposeful to your target audience.

Remember, the wrong email may be worse than no email, even for future email campaigns. Therefore, every email you send must tie in with the grand mission of your agency. Here is what email marketing can help do for your business.

  • Create awareness of your products and any special events.
  • Build trust and loyalty for your brand and recruitment process.
  • Engage with your clients on their concerns and complaints.
  • The email subject lines should immediately convince clients to buy from you.

The Benefits of Recruitment Agencies Email Marketing

Cost Effectiveness

Email marketing is the most cost-effective method of reaching out to your clients. Considering its ability to reach thousands of people at once with targeted messaging, plus other features that track and measure, what you spend on email marketing is a bargain.

If you are interested in other ways you can increase sales and revenue, be sure to check out our lead generation services for this industry.

Complements other Marketing Channels

Email marketing complements your marketing efforts through other marketing channels. It helps lead clients further down the conversion channel after they have been captured through other media.

Reach Clients in Real Time

Emailing is one of the fastest ways of passing urgent information to your clients, especially in bulk. Your audience gets the information instantaneously.


Email has features that enable tracking and measuring the client’s response. This helps you tweak your marketing efforts for greater success.

An Asset

Your email list is an asset you can cash in on. Building an email list is a laborious time-consuming activity. Other businesses are always willing to pay for a ready-made list to avoid the hassle.

Why Choose Us

We have established ourselves as a formidable force in digital marketing, including email marketing. Our firm was founded by SEO gurus specialising in giving businesses online visibility.

They are backed by a team of experts in the different fields of digital marketing whose skill and experience is a valuable tools in formulating holistic strategies that give you an edge over your competitors.

Moreover, we have developed deep insight into the businesses they served over the years. This insight is invaluable in building a high-value email marketing list of decision-makers that assures growth for your recruitment agency.

Here at Growth Giants we also offer a more traditional style of marketing, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, be sure to check out our recruitment agency advertising services page for more information.

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What Makes Good Email Marketing for Recruitment Agencies?

These features will let you know you have a sound emailing strategy for your recruitment agency:

Purpose Guided

Good email marketing is purpose guided. Once you establish the goal you hope to achieve with your emails, you can focus your efforts and increase the likelihood of success.

High-Value Email List

Good email marketing relies on a high-value emailing list. It doesn’t matter what you say if you tell it to the wrong people. Your content must be useful to the audience, and the audience must have the ability to respond to your call to action.

Good ROI

If your email marketing does not make you more money than you sink into it, then it is useless, and you must discontinue it. Whatever value your recruitment agency derives from email marketing must justify its cost.

Effective Content

Once you have the right audience, give them content that moves them to action. Effective range is compelling, actionable, informative, relevant, timely, and easily readable.

Types of Email Marketing We Offer for Recruitment Agencies

The types of emails you send usually achieve one or more of the following needs:

  • Creating brand awareness, building trust, and fostering loyalty
  • Lead acquisition and lead nurturing
  • Transacting business
  • Addressing client concerns and complaints

Here are the types of email marketing we offer for recruitment agencies:

  • Email newsletters
  • Lead acquisition and lead nurturing emails
  • Dedicated emails
  • Sponsorship emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Review request emails
  • Video emails
  • Brand story emails

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost for Recruitment Agencies?

The average cost is between £200-£350 per month. But this price could be more. How much you pay for email marketing depends on the needs of your recruitment agency. There are often a variety of packages you can choose from. Ask us for an accurate quote based on your needs.

Here at Growth Giants we also offer social media marketing for recruitment agencies, if this sounds like something you may be interested in, be sure to check out the link for more information.

Client Testimonials

‘This company helped my agency build an email list that has really brought in good business. It has been phenomenal. The return on investment is worth it.’

‘I used to find difficulty with my email marketing. Then the guy from Growth Giants showed me that I was doing it all wrong.’

‘Growth Giants customer service is exceptional. I love how quickly and helpfully they respond to my queries.’


How Do I Know that Email Marketing has Been Successful?

You will know that you have been successful when all or most of your email marketing objectives have been met. You know this only if you have been measuring and tracking your progress.

That’s why it is critical to have accountability measures as part of your strategy.

Can I Handle my Email Marketing?

You can handle your email marketing. However, if you lack the necessary skills, you will likely fall short of your goals and may lose business. Also, you may spend more than necessary for lower returns on investment.

A specialist company like us is your best bet to make the most out of what you invest in email marketing.

Will Growth Giants Help me Develop a Growth Strategy?

It is the first thing Growth Giants does when they take on a job. The company has skilled digital marketers who develop strategies guaranteed to help you grow your recruitment agency.

Find Out More

Much of the information given here is helpful to your business, but only as a starting point. To formulate an email marketing strategy and plan of action, you must take a critical account of the needs of your business.

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