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Unlock the full potential of your business with our top-notch email marketing services. We have years of experience as Email Marketing specialists for Charities working with clients across the UK.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost sales, our expert team and cutting-edge technology email marketing tools can help you achieve your goals. With our highly-targeted campaigns for a nonprofit organization, you’ll be able to reach the right people at the right time with the right message. Get in touch with us today to learn more about email marketing for nonprofits and how our effective campaign monitor can help grow your business.

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What is Email Marketing for Charities?

Email marketing for Charities is sending promotional messages or advertisements to a group of customers via email. The main goal of our nonprofit email marketing services is typically to drive sales or engagement.

We can use it for various purposes, such as building your brand awareness, helping you in acquiring new customers, or retaining existing customers with our well-curated email templates. Our Email marketing campaigns are often used in conjunction with other forms of digital marketing, such as social media marketing or search engine optimisation.

The Benefits of Charities Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a low-cost method of marketing to reach and engage with a large audience. Some of benefits Charities’ email marketing include:

Cross-selling and upselling

Withthe widespread use of email, you can reach a large audience quickly and easily. As a result,you can use an email marketing platform to promote complementary products or services to existing customers.

Lead generation and helps build relationships

Charities can use email campaigns to generate leads and encourage prospects to take action. As a result, it allows you to build relationships with your audience by providing valuable content and offers.

If you are interested in generating as many new leads as possible, be sure to check out our lead generation page for this industry.

Stay on top 

Keep your brand in front of customers and prospects with regular email communications and a nonprofit marketing strategy.

Overall, email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a large audience of email subscribers, engage with them and generate leads, sales, and revenue for your business.

Why Choose Us?

We have years of experience in digital marketing and are one of the most reputable advertising businesses in the UK. We have worked with companies of all sizes, including small businesses and large brands, to help generate more enquires.

As a result, we have thousands of positive reviews from previous firms we have worked with. It is all thanks to the cutting-edge email marketing software and well-skilled staff in our team. Allowing us to continue to work with national companies in their digital marketing strategies.

We have a team of professional marketers with rich email marketing experience, an understanding of social media marketing blog post, and website development to provide a complete package in our email marketing service.

Here at Growth Giants we also offer a more traditional style of marketing, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please be sure to check out our charities advertising services page for more information.

What Makes Good Email Marketing for Charities Firms?

Clear messaging

The email should have a clear, compelling subject line and message that communicates the purpose of the email and the action the recipient should take.


Personalising the email with the recipient’s name or other information can increase engagement and make the email feel more relevant.

Strong calls to action: The email should include clear calls to action, such as encouraging recipients to take action.

Mobile optimisation

Many people read email on their mobile devices, so you should optimise the email for mobile to ensure it looks good and is easy to read 

Test and optimise

Regularly testing and optimising the emails by trying different subject lines, layouts, calls to action, and segmentation can help improve open and click-through rates. 

Overall, good email marketing for Charities should be focused on building relationships and effectively communicating the organisation’s impact while also being compliant with email laws.

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Types of Email Marketing We Offer for Charities

Direct emails

These are sent to a specific list of individuals to promote a product or service, share news or updates, or request feedback. At the same time, we develop a welcome email for your new subscribers. Businesses typically use them to reach potential customers and drive sales. The effectiveness of direct email marketing can vary depending on the quality of the mailing list, the relevance of the message, and the design and content.

Trigger-based emails

Trigger-based emails are automated emails sent to recipients based on a specific trigger action, such as browsing a particular product page. You can find these triggers in a customer’s behaviour, or they can be based on a specific date or time, such as a birthday or areminder to renewa subscription. These emails are often used in marketing and customer retention efforts to increase engagement and sales.

Surveys and feedback emails

Surveys and feedback emails are used to gather feedback and insights from customers about your product or service. Surveys and feedback emails are helpful tools for businesses and organisations to gather valuable insights and information about their customers, which you can use to improve products, services, and overall customer satisfaction. These emails can be sent after purchase or periodically to gather feedback on an ongoing basis.

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost for Charities Companies?

The cost of email marketing in the UK can cost around £10-£30 per month, while more advanced services with additional features can cost £50-£200 per month or more.

Ultimately, the cost will depend on the size of your mailing list and the specific features and services you need. But it can vary depending on the benefits and the email marketing tool used. Additionally, costs can vary depending on the subscribers and emails sent per month. If you want to learn more about the costs, please get in touch with our team.

Here at Growth Giants we also offer social media marketing for charities, be sure to check out that link for more information.

Client Testimonials

“The team at this company helped us segment our email list and create highly-targeted campaigns, resulting in higher open and click-through rates. And the personalized emails were a serious game changer.”

“The detailed reporting and analytics provided by the company’ email marketing platforms have helped us understand our audience better and make data-driven decisions.”

“The automation and personalisation features offered by the team in Growth Giants have saved our team a significant amount of time and effort.”


How can I segment my email list for maximum effectiveness?

Segmenting your email list allows you to target specific groups of people with tailored messaging. You can segment your list based on donor history, past engagement, location, and interests.

How often should I send emails to my list?

The frequency of your email campaigns will depend on your audience and the purpose of the email. Generally, it’s a good idea to send regular but only a few frequent emails to keep your organisation top of mind without overwhelming your recipients.

What are some best practices for crafting compelling subject lines?

Subject lines should be clear, compelling, and accurately reflect the content of the email. Personalisation, using numbers, and urgent words, can also increase open rates.

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Our team of experts can work with you to create a customised email marketing strategy that meets your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to segment your email list, optimise your subject lines, or improve your open and click-through rates, we’re here to help.

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